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August 16, 2016

Fall 2016 Inspiration | How To Decorate

The Ballard Designs 2016 Fall Preview published on their blog How to Decorate has me excited for cooler weather and incorporating livable luxe into my upcoming design projects (how awesome is that phrase – livable luxe!).

My home, as well as the spaces I am fortunate enough to design all have one foundational element in common – neutrals. Why? Because with a neutral foundation you can effortlessly add in seasonal or trending decor pieces that will keep your space feeling fresh and your creativity flowing!

According to Karen Mooney, this fall is all about incorporating color and velvet!

“We’re really loving deep, saturated tones and you can see that in our fabrics, rugs and wall colors for fall. And we’re tempted to put velvet on everything, which, by the way, is actually a very durable fabric. Marry saturated color with velvet, and you get a very rich, welcoming feel that looks luxurious, too.”

The easiest way to achieve this look without totally blowing your budget? Swap out your pillows and throws! You will be amazed at how a pop of color or a new texture will transform your everyday look into livable luxe this fall.

Source: Our Fall 2016 Inspiration: Livable Luxe | How To Decorate


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